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Go ahead, indulge.

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Where Does Your Meat Come From?

Casa Butte yak meat comes from yaks that graze and forage on the natural and native grasses on 640 acres in Northern New Mexico. Our Yak are never given any antibiotics, hormones, or supplements.

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"I've never tasted such delicious and flavorful meat."

Brian Anderson

I first tasted Yak meat 2 years ago and loved it. It is a very lean meat, high in Omega's, and B12 and I have found it to be easier to digest than any other meat. Having a restricted diet and not being able to do grain of any kind, I'm always confident that Casa Butte Yak Meat is the cleanest meat on the market today.

Kirsten R.

For Everyone at the Table

Fill your freezer with the finest yak from Northern New Mexico.

Packed with protein and lean as can be, fire up the grill and fuel the whole family with a healthy and environmentally-friendly feast that beats out beef in every way.

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