Welcome to Casa Butte Ranch 

Scenic Mountain Pastures at 7,800 Feet elevation in Taos, New Mexico.
Home to Over 60 Head of Free Range Yak 


Casa Butte Ranch is home to a herd of over 60 Yaks that are free to graze and forage on the surrounding natural and native grasses. The herd roams free on our 640 acres of mountainous meadows in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Taos, New Mexico. They are free range and semi-wild; only slightly domesticated during the winter feeding months. These free range lifestyle conditions allow for the herd to naturally forage and navigate the surrounding landscape. Our animals experience less stress compared to yaks raised in confined fenced in spaces and corals. We supplement the Yak's feed during the coldest winter months of November-March with a high protein and nutrient rich hay mixture of 1st and 2nd cut 70/30 Grass/Alfalfa grown in Southern Colorado and delivered to the ranch. We know that high quality feed yields healthy, happy animals and better meat, milk, and fiber. Our Yak are never given any antibiotics, hormones, or supplements.

Our yaks are not pets. We give them a good life. Our focus is on quality! 


Yak meat is less fat than cow, buffalo, elk and chicken breast because it has more Oxygen in its bloodstream which means a deep red color, higher in minerals, omega-3, and protein. It is lean, but rich with a slightly sweet taste and a delicate beef flavor. Yak meat is heart healthy as it is also lower in saturated fats, cholesterol, triglycerides, and calories than beef. Yak meat is not only healthier due to its leaner nature, but it is also more environmentally sustainable. Yak require less feed and water than cows and forage without damaging the surrounding terrain, especially in higher elevations. 


Casa Butte Ranch is home to our 60 head yak herd, and also a few llamas and horse. The animals interact, sharing pasture and acres of Northern New Mexico's expansive landscape.